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我们不仅致力于提供最好的基督教文科教育, 也为我们的员工提供了一个创新和有益的基督教工作场所. 作为我们对员工满意度承诺的一个亮点, 我们在2010年被评为“最佳基督教工作场所”之一.


凯时国际app首页 is a comprehensive Christian university committed to excellence in educating and equipping 学生 to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the Church and society globally.



凯时国际app首页 is a comprehensive Christian university committed to excellence in educating and equipping 学生 to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the Church and society globally.

相应的, 在校园里, 在校外上课的时候, 或者参加凯时国际app首页的任何活动, 学生, 教师, 工作人员, 和管理人员应该:尊重上帝, 其他人, 并随时遵守学校的各项政策, 法律和专业标准. 突出显示(并非包括所有)的政策如下:

 Harassment/Violence: To secure an environment in which community members are able to flourish and to achieve their full potential, 大学致力于确保没有骚扰行为, 恐吓或暴力在大学社区是被容忍的

 Alcohol and Substance Abuse: The University’s position on substance abuse is simple: it is incompatible with the health and safety of our employees, 我们不允许这样做. 凯时国际app首页是一个无烟,毒品和酒精的工作环境. Illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco on campus or at sponsored events are strictly prohibited

赌博:不得在大学校园内进行赌博活动. Discretion may be used in relation to small raffles for charitable purposes or fund raising activities for student mission trips.

 Conduct Outside Work: The University does not seek to dictate how employees conduct themselves in their personal lives outside work. 然而, 非法, anti-social or other conduct by employees contrary to Christian beliefs or University 政策 which may jeopardize the University’s reputation or position will be dealt with through the disciplinary procedure. Community members are expected to conduct themselves in public and in social media in a manner that is God honoring and true to the words of Christ.

大学力求确保员工的工作环境是支持性的, 一个尊重个性的地方, 多样性是值得庆祝的. 这所大学没有种族歧视, color, 国家的起源, 种族背景, 性别, 年龄, (dis)的能力, 或者在任何政策中作为退伍军人的身份, 惯例或程序. 然而, 作为一个私人宗教机构,归上帝会总理事会所有, the university does have the right to exercise religious preference on all hiring practices in accordance with 1964年民权法案第七章.

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我们提供国土安全部(DHS), 每个新员工的I-9表格上的信息来确认工作授权.




JRLC兼职教员讲师正在进行的凯时国际app首页 is now accepting applications for qualified adjunct 教师 to teach at our James River Leadership College. Undergraduate adjunct 教师 are required to hold at least a Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum of 18 graduate hours in their teaching discipline.
在线学习学院兼职教员正在进行的凯时国际app首页’s College of Online Learning is now accepting applications for qualified adjunct 教师 to teach online baccalaureate level and graduate level courses. 特别关注的领域是会计, 经济学, 市场营销, 刑事司法, 生物科学, 化学, 盟军的健康, 英语, 和历史. 凯时国际app首页学院的兼职教师都是经验丰富的专业人士, 每个课程都与谁签订合同, 根据需要.
教师正在进行的凯时国际app首页 is currently accepting applications for part-time and full-time 教师 positions at 凯时国际app首页.
AGTS兼职教员正在进行的凯时国际app首页 is currently accepting applications for part-time 教师 positions at Assemblies of God Theological 神学院 (AGTS).
双语兼职教员正在进行的凯时国际app首页 is currently accepting applications for part-time bi-lingual 教师 positions to teach Spanish and 英语 courses.
研究生辅导远程学院2023年10月6日The Remote 教师 position in the Graduate Counseling Program is responsible for teaching core and specialty coursework in either school counseling or clinical mental health counseling tracks. 典型的教学负荷将包括在11个月的时间内完成24个研究生学分.
在线商业项目总监2023年10月24日The Online Program Director for Business Programs provides oversight and teaches in the online business programs. 主任将与在线课程教师密切合作,以促进教师的参与, development and collaboration within the Department of Business and the College of Online Learning.
戏剧助理教授2023年10月24日The Assistant Professor of 剧院 will serve as the program director for Evangel’s three theater programs: Musical 剧院, 剧院, 戏剧/语言教育.




兼职助理教练正在进行的A 兼职助理教练 works within the athletic department goals to influence the Christian and academic growth of student athletes, 无论在季节还是季节,都要培养他们的运动技能, 协助主教练制定训练和比赛计划.
经济援助顾问2023年7月10日财政援助顾问提供有关财政援助规定的信息, 政策, 归档过程. He or she is responsible for interpreting and communicating information to audiences for purposes of higher education access, 以及凯时国际app首页特定的招聘和留用目的.
同情中心的行政助理2023年8月24日The 同情中心的行政助理 assists with planning and implementation of program activities, 全年协调多个活动, 创建部门资料, 维护日历, 提交报告, 协助监督预算, 管理办公室, 输入课程表, 并执行其他管理任务.
公共安全主任2023年10月5日公共安全主任为学生维护一个安全可靠的环境, 教师, 工作人员 and visitors by protecting life and property on the Evangel campus and university-owned properties; enforcing laws and campus 政策/regulations; providing assistance in emergencies; conducting initial investigations and writing official reports; and offering general safety services to Evangel community members. 这是一个武装职位,需要相应的认证, 培训, 以及身体能力的熟练程度.
学术顾问和项目专家2023年10月10日学术顾问和项目专家II提供建议, 支持, 以及个人指导, 与神学院和研究生建立联系,协助注册, 支持学生成功, 促进项目的完成.
部博士项目行政助理2023年10月16日The Administrative Assistant for the Doctor of Ministry Program offers 教师 administrative 支持 and DMin 支持 for the Assemblies of God Theological 神学院. 该职位协助招聘和晋升, 招生管理, 当然便利化, 老师的支持, 以及其他行政责任.
园丁2023年10月23日场地管理员对运动场和校园场地进行日常维护. He or she performs limited repair and 维护 on grounds equipment in cooperation with the Grounds Supervisor.
一级维修木匠2023年10月23日维修木匠协助维修, 维护, construction and remodeling work on the structural and architectural systems of all campus buildings. 维修木匠有学习绘画的能力, 染色清漆, 并进行干墙的维修和安装, 包括在适当的时候建造新的墙壁和隔墙. 他或她还将协助维护木工店, 工作区域及车辆整洁有序.
暖通空调技术人员2023年10月23日The 暖通空调技术人员 works in cooperation with the HVAC Supervisor to insure that the equipment and systems are operated and maintained in a safe, 高效、专业的态度. 技术员将调整尺寸, 采购和安装暖通空调设备, steam generating and ancillary equipment in cooperation with the HVAC Supervisor and the Physical Plant Director. 技术人员将征求, 评估, 安排和监督与暖通空调和中央供暖设备有关的合同工作.


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